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We're proud to make Maine Made™, truly 'American Made' Chicken Jerky. Our 3 dogs love it, and we'll bet yours will too!

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Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE™

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This year has been a busy year for TriPom Chews. Our Website sales have increased dramatically.

Unfortunately, this success comes at a price. We're now so busy we can only make enough product for our Web customers and to supply a handful of stores.

TriPom Chews has previously been carried in as many 20 New England Stores with 14 of those being in Maine.

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We love our Customers as much as they love TriPom Chews, and it shows.

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Why TriPom Chews

If you're looking for a truly SAFE, 'American Made' Chicken Jerky for your dog or cat, you're in the right place. We started making our own Chicken Jerky when we ran across the FDA warning of 2008 about Chinese chicken treats making dogs sick or killing them. This has turned into a cottage 'Mom & Pop' business for us; we now sell our TriPom Chews online and in 20 stores in the New England area.

Our products are the only Maine Made, 'American Made', Chicken Jerky produced from fresh, restaurant-quality, whole chicken breasts containing NO Additives and NO Preservatives.

The only ingredient for our Plain Chicky Strips is chicken breast. Our Combo Pack contains some chicken marinated in Organic Blackstrap Molasses, a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Our products are so wholesome, being Additive and Preservative-Free, they need to be refrigerated to preserve them. With the stores that carry our products, we are the ONLY TREAT kept in their refrigerators or freezers, typically alongside raw food. You absolutely cannot get Chicken Jerky any more healthy and preservative-free than this.

We live by our own personal and business Pet Health Philosophy:

Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE

What's Special About TriPom Chews

We are 'Made in America', and darn proud of it—produced, processed, and packaged in Bath, Maine, by us (Autumn and Ken), using American products, ingredients, packaging, effort, and perseverance.

We are also proud to be one of only 2,000 companies to be certified Maine Made, which is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

Why is being 'American Made' special when it comes to pet treats, really? Good question—with a scary answer you may already know.

Many (too many) of the treats you find in grocery stores, pet stores, or online are imported. A large (way too LARGE) number of those are 'Made in China'. Some American pet food companies have long been importing treats from China and, to deceive us, prominently mark these products in HUGE type as being 'Packaged in the USA' while, in small type, somewhere on the package you will find 'Made in China'.

Also, and alarmingly, American pet food/treat companies are now sourcing cheap, inferior, and potentially deadly ingredients from China when they actually do "make" their own product and label it 'Made in America'. For more critical information about pet food/treat safety, visit Susan Thixton's website. This is a MUST READ website for any pet owner!

FDA Warns About Chinese Chicken Jerky

The chances are good that you found us while researching the recent FDA warning about chicken treats from China making 353 dogs sick or killing them. If you haven't seen the articles or news, click the links below to read the warnings:

Video: $4,000+ later, My Pug is Dead, But My Puppy is Recovering

Video: Fox News - FDA's Warnings Inadequate

Article: FDA warning of November 18, 2011

Article: Chicken jerky treats sicken 353 dogs, December 28, 2011

FDA Warning: Caution to Dog Owners About Chinese Chicken Treats

It's heartbreaking. Pet Parents are having to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to save their pets' lives after unknowingly feeding them tainted Chinese chicken treats; some dogs do survive but, from the hundreds of web pages I've read, too many have not.

Meanwhile, the FDA continues to issue warning after warning since 2007, but never a recall.

Special Warning About 'Made in China' Chicken Jerky

If you have a smaller dog, under 25 pounds, it is especially important you don't feed Chinese chicken treats. All the posts on sick or deceased dogs indicate that smaller dogs are especially 'at risk' from these toxic treats. The commonsense consensus is that a small dog is getting a full piece to be eaten over time. Essentially, the same treat 'allowance' as a larger-sized dog, but for a much smaller dog with smaller kidneys to process whatever toxin responsible.


Why Do We Do It?

As we've said, some 'Made in China' chicken jerky treats have been making pets severely ill or killing them for the last 5-6 years. The FDA, supposedly, doesn't know what is killing these pets. I wrote this article 2 years ago discussing the 'Made in China' dangers of chicken jerky. Click here to learn the facts about the 'Made in China' dangers to your pets. I will be updating it soon with the recent FDA warnings of 2011.

So, when we learned 'Made in China' treats were toxic from the 2008 FDA warning, we stopped buying anything for our dogs that was even possibly 'Made in China'—which included their favorite treat, chicken jerky.

Our dogs' love of their chicken jerky, and their “make-you-feel-guilty” looks when we wouldn’t buy it anymore, is what prompted us to start experimenting with making homemade chicken jerky for them. Eventually, after sharing tons of our chicken jerky creation with family and friends, and at their urging, we started TriPom Chews to offer pet owners a SAFE 'Made in America' Chicken Jerky solution.

Not only are we passionate about producing our TriPom Chicken Jerky, we're passionate about educating people about the dangers of 'Made in China' chicken treats. We spend our time at events handing out fliers on the FDA warning about Chinese treats, speaking to anyone who will listen about the dangers, and advocating for a ban on all Chinese chicken treats.

TriPom Chews News

DownEast Magazine -  'Best of Maine' edition July 2012

DownEast Magazine, the prestigious 'Magazine of Maine' with a nationwide circulation, selected TriPom Chews as:

'Best of Maine' Dog Treat, July 2012

Click here to view the article

TriPom Chews is thrilled and humbled with this recognition. What makes any acknowledgement so much the sweeter? We were completely unaware DownEast was planning to include us in this issue of distinction. Thank you, DownEast! - Review of TriPom Chews

Click here to read what had to say about TriPom Chews!

TriPom Tidbits

  • No Additives / No Preservatives / No Glycerol
  • No Nitrites, No MSG, NEVER Irradiated
  • No Artificial Colors, No Flavor Enhancers
  • High Protein (77%) - Low Fat (3-4%)
  • Made with 100% USDA Grade 'A' whole chicken breasts.
  • TriPom Chews' recipes ensure exceptional taste and quality.
  • Everything about our Chicken Jerky is 'American Made' and 'Made in America'!
  • Organic Blackstrap Molasses is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.
  • We produce, process, and package our products in Bath, Maine which is listed as one of the "Best Small Cities in America".
  • One of only 2,000 companies to be certified Maine Made, which is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.

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