A Little About TriPom Chews
Welcome to TriPom Chews, and thank you for wanting to learn more about us!

So who are we? Autumn and Ken, soon to be husband & wifey - a couple of former Chicago corporate employees who stumbled their way into making dog treats in Bath, Maine after having to find a replacement for our dogs’ favorite treat.

Several years ago, we learned that Chinese chicken treats were making dogs ill or killing them. We immediately made the decision to stop purchasing Chinese dog treats, and even any Chinese dog-related products like toys. Read more about the Dangers of 'Made in China' by clicking here.

Since our dogs’ favorite treats were 'Made in China' Chicken Jerky, our dogs threatened to move out unless a substitute was found…or created. After having little luck finding a truly 'American Made' chicken jerky (many say they are, but they are NOT), Autumn started experimenting at home.

After many trials and lots of “interesting” outcomes, we did come up with the process and recipe for our Chicken Jerky that our dogs LOVE, and that we’re making available to you as TriPom Chews - a healthy, SAFE 'Made in America' Chicken Jerky alternative to deadly 'Made in China' chicken treats and jerky.

We live by our own personal and business Pet Health Philosophy: Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE

What's with the name, TriPom?
One immediate question you may have is about the name of our company, TriPom Chews. If you know anything about the breed of dogs called Pomeranians, you may have already figured it out.

Tri = 3 Dogs, Pom = Pomeranians, Chews - what we call our chewy Chicken Jerky

So, that means we're "3 Pomeranians' Jerky".

We thought the name was kind of cool/cute. We may have chosen something else if we owned 3 poodles -
TriPoo Chews just wouldn't sound quite right...right?

3 Pomeranians' Jerky
We have to admit that while we do have the most talented and smartest dogs in the world (we know, every parent says that about their kids), they don’t really make all of our TriPom treats. And, believe it or not, they also didn’t build our website (Ken did).

It’s not that they couldn’t, it’s just that they’d rather spend their time on different pursuits - Roxy is always pursuing a Guinness World Record for sleeping, Xena spends much of her time planning how to get away and stay away from her brother, and Riche focuses all his time and effort on playing with his balls (not those, he's fixed!) and annoying Xena. However, our kids were (and are!) the inspiration and motivation for TriPom Chews. (Click here to meet the TriPoms)

Our dogs are not our only inspiration, you are too! We get tremendous satisfaction from creating healthy, SAFE Chicken Jerky treats for your dogs that we're certain they’ll enjoy. Happy dogs make for happy owners, and that makes us happy. Pretty simple, huh? What can we say, if you enjoy the little things in life, the big ones seem to work themselves out easier.