America's Next Top (Doggy) Model...Roxy!


W.C.I.U. UDOG Fashion ShowRoxy could be a STAR with your help!

Eight dogs are competing in the first ever U-Dog Fashion Show. Every Monday in May, the dogs will compete on You & Me This Morning wearing outfits that fit into that week's fashion category. Your online votes are needed to keep Roxy in the competition.

Every Friday, on You & Me this Morning, the dog with the lowest total votes will be eliminated from the competition. The first ever U-Dog Fashion show Winner will be named Friday morning, May 28, on You & Me This Morning.

We know Roxy has what it takes to be a Star! After all, she's already a successful co-business owner and on the Board of Directors of TriPom Chews.

You can click here to go to the WCIU website to Vote for Roxy. You do have to register to vote...

Note: Roxy has hinted that she will suggest to the TriPom Board that an autographed picture of her be sent to everyone who votes for her. We do not know if that motion will be approved by Xena and Riche (her sister and brother, respectively, and fellow Board Members) as they apparently don't want her to get a "big head" (and they may be a little jealous that she's on TV and they aren't!)


Weekly ResultsWeek 1: Jack Jack - Winner, Bella - Voted Off
Week 2: Jack Jack - Winner, Lily - Voted Off
Week 3: Hermes - Winner, Roxy - Voted Off (Boo, Hiss!)

Unfortunately, this is it. We went out in our summer wear for the vote off, and it was Roxy. The hosts were shocked, as were many others, but it’s okay because Roxy had a BLAST! She loved dressing up in clothes from Parkers Pets, she loved the attention, and she loved having so much one-on-one Mommy & Roxy time!

What she didn’t like so much was getting up at 5am on Friday mornings to make it to the TV studio on time! Roxy is a sleep-in type of girl!

We truly appreciate you all taking the time and making the effort to vote for Roxy. Roxy sends her love and appreciation too. She also says, "I know I'm a Winner because I had all you great people supporting me! Mwah!"

Good luck to the rest of the pups in the competition. We just might have a favorite that Roxy’s votes will be going to!

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The Contestants for the Udog Fashion Show

(Click the pictures for BIGGER pictures!)

Contestant 1 - Annie Contestant 1 - Annie
Contestant 2 - Bella Contestant 2 - Bella
Voted off - Week 1
Contestant 3 Gracie May Contestant 3 - Gracie May
Contestant 4 - Hermes Contestant 4 - Hermes
Week 3 - Winner!
Contestant 5 - Jack Jack Contestant 5 - Jack Jack
Week 1 - Winner!
Week 2 - Winner!
Contestant 6 - Lily Contestant 6 - Lily
Voted off - Week 2
Contestant 7 - TriPom ROXY!! Contestant 7 - TriPom ROXY!
Voted off - Week 3 (Boo!)
Contestant 8 - Ted Contestant 8 - Ted

Star Of The Runway

Roxy's Bio on the WCIU site

Name:  Roxy

Description:  Roxy is a Pomeranian, rescued from a puppymill in Ohio. She is approximately 6-7 years old (although we don't know for sure.) Roxy has spent the last 2 1/2 years with her new family, just learning to be a dog. She's learned to interact a bit with other dogs, walk on a leash, to be held, kissed, and loved. She's even learned how to play a bit with her Pomeranian brother and sister.

Roxy's favorite activity is napping, playing in the grass, and simply getting attention from her Mom and Dad.

Her favorite treats are the TriPom Chew Chicken Jerky that her parents make and can be purchased at Parker's Pets, and enjoys sharing a bowl of popcorn with her dad.

not bad for my first time on the runway!
Click the Pic to watch Roxy's Runway Walk
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(PS: Don't let her know if you watch any of the other dogs' videos. She's confident, but competitive--in it to win it!)


Note: Roxy did not want to list her accomplishments, being a co-business owner and a sitting TriPom Board Member, on the WCIU site. She felt it would give her an unfair advantage over the other less accomplished dogs in the show. She is competitive, but wants to win fairly.

Also, Roxy would like you to know that she does not "do tricks". It's not that she's an elitist or anything of the sort. She just feels that, personally,  learning and performing tricks is a bit demeaning to her. (From her Mom and Dad: um, that's not entirely accurate. Roxy is extremely bright, but would rather spend her free time lounging around the house and napping. Learning tricks, or heaven forbid being required to perform tricks, would severely reduce her required downtime...)


Behind The Scenes Footage

Exclusive, NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE of the behind the scenes work these dogs put in for this competition.

not bad for my first time on the runway!
Click the Pic to see exclusive "Behind the Scenes" footage