America's Next Top (Doggy) Model - Week 1


Week 1 - Sportswear - Results Now InWell, today is Friday, May 7, and we just finished up the first elimination round. Boy, was THAT scary! ...

The winner is: Jack Jack (Congrats, Jack!) <grumble,'s only round 1>

The loser is: Bella Gabriella (Gonna miss you, Gabby!)


Week 1 - Sportswear

We showed up to the WCIU TV studio at 10am.  As we waited in the greenroom, we were given our Sportwear outfits that we'd be competing in that day..  Now, Roxy is a Chicago southsider, which means that she is a White Sox fan.  However, she was willing to set this aside for show business and wear the adorable "Cubs Princess" t-shirt, hat and leash chosen for her.

All of the pups got their outfits on (with a little help from their humans, they needed our thumbs) and we were brought into the studio.  We were given our instructions, to walk around the back of the set and then out onto the red carpet when our dog's name was called.  We just had to walk down to the food dish and then back.  We were in alphabetical order, so Roxy was 2nd to last.  Roxy was soon up, we started her runway walk, and her hat fell over her eyes!  I was able to finally get it out of her eyes finish walking down the runway with her cute little strut!

Once we were all done, they took pictures of each dog for the website, and Roxy of course put on her little show, she LOVES to smile for the camera!

We were now all done, and had to wait until Friday to hear the results!  Voting went from Monday morning until Thursday night, and boy, were we nervous!

Roxy is looking cute and sassy in her pink Cubs outfit this week.

not bad for my first time on the runway!
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It Is Not Easy Being This CuteIt's been a long, difficult road to the UDOG Fashion Show--from tryouts to the Runway.

I've had to work day and night sleeping to get enough rest for the Show.

The thought of being on the runway in front of all those lights and cameras made me a little self-conscious. I asked my Mom and Dad if I could get groomed for the Show. They came through at the last minute, on the Thursday night before the first Friday morning taping. Thank goodness! Owe you one, Mom/Dad!

Take a look at my pictures below to see what I went through on my way to becoming "America's Next Top (Doggy) Model" (I hope!).

Also, I'll put my recent pics below with any more videos too! Remember to vote for here to go vote.


The Road to America's Next Top (Doggy) Model - Week 1

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Scary but cute, right? Riche and Xena didn't recognize me and were barking at me like a I was a stranger! Scary but cute, right? Riche and Xena didn't recognize me and were barking at me like a I was a stranger!
So exhausted after getting pretty... So exhausted after getting pretty...
I know...I'm cute. Smile with me? I know...I'm cute. Smile with me?