Roxy AKA Foxy Roxy - Interview

Name: Roxy

Nickname: Foxy Roxy

Color: Blond & Stawberry blond (I inherited from my Momma!)

Weight: I'm small, but I'm solid--I weigh 8 lbs.

Favorite Treats: TriPom Chews: I like them cut up real small so I don't have to work too hard to eat them! I also love cream cheese. Mom & Dad think that I don't realize that they put my pills in there (I have chronic bronchitis), but I know they’re in there. I just pretend I don't know to make them think this is the ONLY way I can take a pill!

Popcorn, I love da popcorn. Dad shares his popcorn with me. Sometimes he forgets to share so I have to stare at him until he remembers to give me mine. I won’t eat just any pieces either. I like the really buttery ones. Dad picks them out for me, and I inspect them to make sure I want each piece. If not, I make a little pile of the ones I won’t eat.

I don’t like drinking water out of a bowl. I will if I have to, but every night Mom or Dad gives me ice water in my blue plastic cup . I drink it right out of the glass! Then later, Mom carries me and the cup of water to bed when it’s time to sleep. I won’t go to sleep without having one last drink out of the cup. I do share my water with my brother, Riche, but I always drink first. I guess I’m kinda the boss of Xena and Riche—the leader of the TriPom pack.

Hobbies: I'm learning how to play! It's so much fun! I didn’t know how to play before, but I’m learning from Riche. Now, almost every morning, I play with Riche while Mom and Dad get ready for work…when they leave, I’m so exhausted I need to sleep all day until they come home.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Mom and Dad got me from a rescue. I was really sad and tired when Mom and Dad found me. I'll tell you more about that later, but Mom & Dad can't believe how far I’ve come. I had no idea how to act around other dogs or anything. They still can’t believe I’ve learned how to play…I’m not good at it, but I try. Here’s how it goes: I jump on Riche’s back, and then he jumps on mine. We take turns doing it over and over until I start coughing from my bronchitis—it’s usually only a couple of minutes. There’s probably something else we could do, but I’m figuring it out slowly.

I try to play with my sister, Xena, sometimes. But Xena still doesn't believe me when I try to be nice to her. She’s very suspicious about everything! I think she’s afraid I may be mean to her because I wasn’t so nice when I first came home, but I didn’t know any better then!

My other favorite hobby is sleeping. I LOVE sleeping! It’s not easy being a cute sleeper, but I’ve got it down cold--I always make sure I find the cutest positions to sleep in so Momma takes pictures of me. She puts them on Facebook. It makes her happy so I practice ALL the time…sleeping. Love it!

I also love playing in the grass, and eating grass! I run and hop all around when I'm on the grass; it tickles my belly and makes me happy!

Anything else you'd like to mention to us Roxy?

I so happy Mom & Dad rescued me! I was born and raised in a puppy mill and was a breeder. I don't even know how many puppies I had. My owner back then got sick, something called a stroke, and couldn't take care of us anymore (not that she really did) so I went to a very nice rescue in Fort Wayne, IN.

I was at the rescue for 2 months when Mom & Dad came from Chicago. I know I was pretty sad looking. I was really skinny and shaved almost bald. What’s worse was that I was tired looking with very sad and weary eyes. I was depressed, but Mom and Dad fell in love with me anyway, and took me home! I was really sorry I got sicky in the car on the way home. I’ve learned I get car sicky unless I’m riding on someone’s lap…can’t ride in a carrier…no, no, no.

I spent about 6 months just sleeping all the time--even more than I do now--and getting to know my new family, but I had an immediate connection to the Mom. I loved Dad, but it took me about a year to really trust him because of my past. But I know how lucky I am, and I try to be a good daughter. Mom and Dad seem to think I am! They keep giving me lots of love! I never want to be without them!

Roxy's Memory Lane - Adoption to NowThe pictures below are of Roxy throughout the years. You’ll see how she looked when we first got her, then after her beautiful coat grew out, and then finally when she received her “teddy bear” cut that she gets now.

Although she had such a beautiful coat, we knew how hot and heavy that coat was on her. After we trimmed her, we knew we made the right decision. She started running around like a puppy. It was like her new cut took 10 years off her life, both in looks and personality! We decided to keep her that way. She looks absolutely adorable, and there’s no doubt that she loves it. She does have a sweater we put on her when it gets a bit chilly around the house.

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Roxy - Adoption

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Roxy - The 'Furry' Years

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Roxy - Nowadays








Please look at my pictures and watch my videos below.

After Bath Aftermath
Mom, I Can Dry Myself Off!

Roxy is very self-sufficient and prefers to finish drying herself off. C'mon, she's too cute, right?

Xena, ever curious, is wondering who slipped Roxy some catnip because she's acting too weird!
I'm not spoiled. I have bad tooths!
I love my Chicken Jerky!

We tear Roxy's Chicken Chews into little pieces not because she's lazy (maybe a little) or spoiled (more than a little), but because her teeth weren't well taken care of in the puppymill and she's missing quite a few. That said, if she's in the mood, she can tear through a piece of Jerky faster than you'd give her credit for!