Xena "The Warrior" Pom

Name: Xena

Nickname: Xena the Warrior Pom, or Beaner

Color: "Parti" – no, really, that’s what my color is called. I'm a mix of brown, white, black, and gray.

Weight: Seriously? You're asking a GIRL her weight? Ok, fine. I weigh 5.6 lbs, but I bet half my weight is fur…really!

Favorite Treat: I know I’m supposed to say TriPom Chews, and I do love them, but my favorite treat used to be Sweet Potato Fries. They were from China, and Mom and Dad don’t buy anything "Made in China" anymore. I really miss them--we even called them “Beaner Fries” because I loved them so much. Mom’s trying to figure out how to make them for me. She’s tried lots of times, but she hasn’t got it right yet. I miss my Beaner Fries, but my “Chicky Strips”--that’s what I call the chicken jerky--are my new favorites. I like my Chicky Strips warmed up in the microwave! Oh, I also love little bits of cheese and cream cheese (yum!), when I'm allowed

Here’s what you need to understand about me: I’m dainty with my food (even though I'm the Warrior Pom). I like little pieces. If the piece is too big…well, I’ve got to roam around the house with it in my mouth until I can find a good hiding place so I can get it later, but sometimes that takes forever--like 20 minutes! It can be exhausting, let me tell you. And then, sometimes, Riche eats whatever I hid because he watched where I hid it! (watch "Gotta hide it! Go away Riche!")

Hobbies: Killing the Octopus! Dad made me this cool toy. It’s this little octopus that he tied onto a stick with a long string. He flops it around like a cat toy—but it’s not a wimpy cat toy—and I chase it and then kill it. My nickname isn’t the "Xena the Warrior Pom" for nothin! (watch "My Octopus...and Riche")

I also LOVE my socks. Mom gave them to me and they have fuzzy ankles. Sometimes I spend hours grooming the fuzz. Sometimes I sleep on them like a pillow! Oh, I also love playing with my brother, Riche, sometimes…not all the time. Sometimes he annoys me because I don’t want to play and he does. Brothers!

Anything else you'd like to mention to us Xena? When I was a puppy, I got sick. Everyone thought it was something called Kennel Cough, but the cough wouldn't go away with medicine. Mom and Dad took me to different doctors (I love Dr. B). The special doctor said I might have Collapsing Trachea—it’s like a bend in your windpipe that gets smaller and can be fatal—don’t know what fatal is, but Mom and Dad got freaked out. He said he wasn’t sure, but it was the best explanation because it affects small dogs like Poms, Poodles, and Yorkies.

Well, it didn’t get worse, this Trachea thing. Mom did some more research, including watching videos on Youtube, and figured out it was a reverse sneeze! It’s kind of like snoring when you’re awake but it’s scary and I can’t breathe very good. Mom and Dad are happy that it’s not the Trachea thing so I guess I can live with it.

I am tough, tougher than Riche. He's kind of a Momma's boy. I'm much more independent than he is. Oh, did I tell you I had knee surgery on my back left knee? Doctor B fixed it—said it was my ACL, but it was my knee because that's what hurt—and I got better quicker than everyone thought. I’m pretty sure it was my big brother's fault--I'm older, but he's bigger. Anyway, he's a tank and he played too rough with me one day! I gots to be careful with him now. I know he loves me, but he's a TANK! He doesn't know how big he is and he's really not too smart, but I love him anyway. He's ALWAYS happy so that makes up for a lot...

Even though I’m tough, I do like to be held, but ONLY when *I* say I want to be held, okay?! When I'm in your arms, I'm happy to just hang out there…sometimes for a really long time like an hour or more. I also LOVE having my belly scratched. Sometimes--well, most times--when I'm laying on the floor and you walk up to me moving your fingers like you're going to scratch my belly, I’ll roll over on my side and lift my leg to give you belly access!

Oh, if you ever meet me, you gotta know you can NEVER try to roll me over on my back. I hates that! It really freaks me out, don't know why, but don't ever try it! I may have to go into Warrior Pom mode and give you mean looks after I'm done freaking out! Oh, oh, another thing. If you hold me in your arms, my head must face your left arm so my left side is against your body. I don't do facing the right arm. I just don't, and don't ask why cuz I don't know why. We'll get along great if you follow my rules. Oh, yeah, I also play hard to get. You gotta catch me to hold me. I make you work for it so I know you're serious, okay?

That’s all for now. I’ll write more later, I promise. I’ve gotta go pull my Octopus out now and yell at Dad to play with me.

Notes from Mom & Dad If you think your small dog might have a "collapsing trachea", a great resources that helped us was the Yorkie Angel Patrol. They are a Not-for-Profit started by some wonderful ladies to raise money for diseases, including collapsing tracheas, that primarily affect toy dog breeds. They work closely with the University of Tennessee whose Vet School is at the forefront of studying collapsing trachea and are pioneering procedures correct collapsing tracheas. You will find lots of information on their website, but you should really request a membership to their Yorkie Angel Patrol Chat. http://www.yorkieangelpatrol.com

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Please look at my pictures and watch my videos below.

Roxy, Riche, and Me have a competition to see who everyone loves the most. (I know it's ME!)

Favorite toy! Octopus...on a stick!
Favorite toy! Octopus...on a stick!

Playing with my favorite toy as a puppy.
Xena - The Warrior Pom!
Xena - The Warrior Pom!

I am SO tough--you have no idea what I could to to you. I can tear through a toe in no time flat...
Brothers are SO annoying!
As a puppy, Riche was annoying!

Playing with my favorite toy and my NOT so favorite little brother.
Brothers are SO annoying!
Brothers are SO annoying!

EVERY time I have anything good, he follows me around and tries to take it away from me. So then, I have to try to find a REALLY GOOD place to hide it...and then he'll spend all day looking for where I hid it. It's SO frustrating...but I do love him ...sometimes.