FAQ 00: Are TriPom Chews just for little dogs?
This is one of the most-asked questions we get. TriPom Chews are the perfect size for any dog--small to Big to HUGE. We could see how you might think that since there are a MANY of pictures of little dogs on our site. However, our Jerky Chews are anywhere from 5 to 7 inches long and from 2 to 4 inches wide. Our Chews are plenty big enough for any size dog, and tear easily for smaller dogs! Click here to see a pic of how big they really are.
FAQ 01: Where does TriPom Chews get the chicken for their Jerky?
Some chicken jerkies out there are made with pet-grade chicken. This is chicken that's, well, not even fit for a dog. Pet grade chicken can come from the FDA's 4-D categories: dead, dying, disabled, or diseased. This is chicken that has been rejected as human grade and denatured (covered with something so it is not salable as human food) with crude carbolic acid, fuel oil, or citronella. The FDA also does not object to chicken for pets being contaminated with rodent, roach, or bird excreta (poop).

TriPom uses fresh, restaurant-quality, 100% USDA Grade “A”, whole chicken breasts from a quality restaurant supplier in Maine. These are the very same chicken breasts that you'll find in some of Maine's best restaurants. Because each piece of our Jerky is cut from a whole breast, it's one continuous piece of meat that stays chewier and holds together better than most other meat dog treats.

Incidentally, we have this same chicken for our dinners. I challenge any other chicken jerky company executive to feast on the chicken in their products.

Our feeling is that if you start with quality ingredients, you definitely end up with a quality product.

Our Pet Health Philosophy is: Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE
FAQ 02: Why is chicken jerky from China dangerous?
The FDA has actually issued warnings about chicken jerky from China. Check out the page we've created to inform you about the dangers of "Made in China" dog products. Please note that page has all the links at the bottom of the page to the FDA and the American Veterinary Medical Association web pages cited so you can read the full articles yourself. Click here to read the TriPom "Made in China" Dangers article

Below are the links to FDA related warnings about Chinese chicken treats:

Article on FDA warning of November 18, 2011

Chicken jerky treats sicken 353 dogs, December 28, 2011

FDA Warning: Caution to Dog Owners About Chicken Jerky Products
FAQ 03: I'm concerned that the chicken jerky brand I'm feeding my dog is "Made in China". How can I find out?
If you have some chicken jerky you've purchased, go grab the package. Obviously, if it says "Made in China" on the back of it, you have your answer. However, many of the treats you find in grocery stores, pet stores, or online are really “Made in China”; they are imported and, to get around being marked “Made in China” on the product, are labeled as being “Packaged in the USA”. You've got to watch out for this. It's intentionally sneaky and deceptive. Why are they afraid to let you know where a product is made? This is always a "red flag" to us. Click here to read the TriPom "Made in China" Dangers article
FAQ 04: Is TriPom Jerky safe for puppies and older dogs?
We recommend that you discuss your pet’s diet with your vet. Our Jerky is high in protein and low in fat--a very healthy treat by human or dog standards! If your pet is on a low-protein diet for some health reason, please consult with your vet and bring him/her a package of TriPom Chews. Have them check out the protein and fat percentages, read the ingredients, and provide you with their informed opinion. If there are any questions, we'd be happy to get them answered.
FAQ 05: What is the marinade for TriPom Chews Combo Pack?
The marinade for some of the chicken in our Combo Pack is organic Blackstrap molasses. Dogs appreciate the smell and flavor the molasses imparts. Blackstrap molasses is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron; one tablespoon provides up to 20% of the daily value of each of those nutrients for a human. Blackstrap has long been sold as a human health supplement. While Blackstrap molasses is considered a very healthy sweetener, you should get your vet's opinion on it if your pet is diabetic.
FAQ 06: Is TriPom Chews sold in pet stores?
Currently, we are in 20 stores throughout the New England region, and also remain in the first store to carry us, Parkers Pets, in Chicago, Illinois. We have many more stores interested in carrying our products, however our first priority is to fulfill online orders for you, our direct customer. We want to grow our business gradually, the right way, and not even accidentally sacrifice the high-quality standards we've set for ourselves.
FAQ 07: How soon should I expect my TriPom Jerky order to ship?
We attempt to ship orders the next business day if ordered before 5pm, and the 2nd business day if after 5pm. Since our online orders are growing quickly with people searching for an American Made Chicken Jerky, we find ourselves strained to process orders as quickly as even 2 months ago. Please be patient if delivery is delayed by an extra day or two. Please order early if you think you're going to run out and need it soon. You can rest assured that Ken is doing his best to fill your order as he HATES being behind in order fulfillment...
FAQ 08: How should I store TriPom Jerky?
Our products contain NO PRESERVATIVES! We do not use ANY preservatives, none. You will need to keep your TriPom Chews refrigerated--even prior to opening. If you feel that it will take you a long time to get through your package of Chews, you can always portion some out and throw them in the freezer where they'll last even longer.

Tip: If you want your TriPom Chews to be softer/chewier, just sprinkle them with water and let them rehydrate for 5 to 10 minutes before giving to your pet.

Important: Please be aware that we include at least one silica gel packet in each TriPom Chews package to help control moisture. DO NOT leave your package of TriPom Chews anywhere your dog can possibly get to them on their own because, unfortunately, no matter how smart we want to believe they are, they just can't yet read that little package that says "Do Not Eat!"
FAQ 09: How should I feed my dog TriPom Chews?
Our little Pomeranians are chewers; they usually get a whole piece to chew. They hold them in their little paws and gnaw on them. However, sometimes they’re a little lazy and like us to tear the Chews into little Pomeranian-sized pieces for them. They're spoiled. What can we say?

If you have a dog that’s a 'gulper' (swallows treats whole without chewing), you may want to break the Chews apart into smaller bite-sized pieces appropriate to your dog's size, and feed the pieces one at a time. If your dog does gulp treats, you’re probably already used to giving them treats like this way already.
FAQ 10: How many TriPom Chews should I give my dog?
The amount you should give your dog will depend on many factors: the size of your dog, any dietary requirements, etc. Our little Pomeranians typically get a whole Chew every day. When we're dehydrating Chews, they'll typically get a couple of pieces each to taste test for us. If you have any questions on how much you should give your pet as a treat due to any special dietary restrictions or requirements, please consult with your veterinarian.
FAQ 11: Did you really get these treats lab tested for the Guaranteed Analysis?
Absolutely! We've had a "Guaranteed Analysis" performed on each of our products. We've sent each of our products to a lab, Silliker Food Safety & Quality Solution, to be tested. This test guarantees the minimum percentages of crude protein and crude fat, and the maximum percentages of crude fiber and moisture. (Click here to go to our Lab Test Results page)
FAQ 12: Can I get a free sample?
If you see us on the street or at an event, we'd love to give you a sample. However, at this time, we don't ship out free samples unless you would like to pay for the actual shipping costs, which range from $4-6 depending where you live. If you're interested in a free sample and willing to pay the shipping, please send a request to info@TriPomChews.com
FAQ 13: What do I do if my pet becomes a TriPom Jerky addict?
First, please recognize that TriPom Chews cannot be held responsible if your pet becomes a TriPom Chicken Jerky addict. We're sorry, but it does happen.

Second, we're considering starting a support group and calling it TriPom Chews Anonymous. Xena, Roxy, and Riche will probably be the first members; we hope they will eventually step up to become counselors for their fellow Jerky addicts.

Note: TriPom Chicken Jerky addiction is no laughing matter...well, then again, it probably is. We've had many customers report their dogs are doing some pretty funny things to feed their addiction--like dancing on their hind legs in front of the fridge, when they've never danced before, or sitting and staring longingly at the fridge for an hour until they get a piece of Jerky!

A longtime TriPom customer shared her story of when some TriPom Chews were accidentally left in her jeans which were buried under a pile of clothes--goodbye pockets, goodbye jeans! Thankfully, they weren't a favorite pair...