We LOVE Phone Orders

We've found there are many of our customers who do not want to use credit cards online or find it more convenient to just place an order by phone.

To order by phone, call us at 888-602-4443.

We work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, making our Chicken Jerky. If we don't answer, it means we're messy with chicken and couldn't grab the phone. Leave a message and we'll get right back to you!


TriPom Tip for Returning Customers - Save on Shipping

As you've probably noticed with your first order, we use very high-quality resealable bags that are Freezer Safe.

Many of our customers buy multiple bags at a time to save on shipping. They store the extras in their freezers.

It never hurts to have an inventory of TriPom Chews. There's nothing worse than running out and getting those 'make you feel guilty looks' from your babies!

The USDA says foods kept frozen continously are safe indefinitely, but we like to tell our customers to use their frozen TriPom Chews within 6-12 months.

Issues with our Store?

If you have any problems with the store loading or if you are not able to make a purchase for some reason, please call us and let us know.

We are only a two-person business. Sometimes things happen and we're just not aware of an issue.

Call us at: 888-602-4443 or email us at info@tripomchews.com

We TRULY appreciate your help and your patience in the event of an issue!

Comment from a TriPom Customer

My son & his girlfriend lost their dog to liver failure yesterday. She ingested a few pieces of Waggin Train chicken jerky in a 5 day period. Within 2 weeks she was dead. We need to pressure the FDA to recall and BAN this product (Waggin Train). Thank you.

Sallie Des Biens


TriPom Chicken Jerky for Dogs - Feed Safe, Treat Safe, BE SAFE™

  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • No Nitrites, No MSG
  • No Artificial Colors, No Flavor Enhancers
  • High Protein (77%) - Low Fat (3-4%)
  • Made with 100% USDA Grade 'A' whole chicken breasts.
  • TriPom Chews' recipes ensure exceptional taste and quality.
  • Everything about our Chicken Jerky is 'American Made' and 'Made in America'!
  • Organic Blackstrap Molasses is a source of calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron.
  • We produce, process, and package our products in Bath, Maine, listed as one of the "Best Small Cities in America".
  • One of only 2,000 companies to be certified Maine Made, which is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity.